Posted by: ronlculver | March 30, 2010

A glimpse through His eyes

It really is all about how we look at things. One minute we are having a bad day and the next minute we are having a good day. I call it the roller coaster of life. I became a christian over 30 years ago if you consider the weak prayers of a 9 year old boy worthy. No matter what  you believe God touched my heart as a young man. Even before that day I said yes I remember the wooing of His spirit. The gentle whispers of His voice. Though there were many crisis as a young man I can remember Him in the storms. I called to Him many times and still do. You know I cannot think of a time that He answered me the way I thought He should, but He answered me. I called He answered! I am pondering alot today because it is the begining of passover. The jews during this time prepare the Seder. It is a meal about the redemption of God. I recommend that you google it. What is so important about it you might ask? The jews were constantly reminded to remember what God had done for them. I have found that I am alot like the jews of old. Time passes by so quickly. It is like life is a vapor. Here today and gone tommorow. That is a very small blip on the radar of eternity. God set up the feasts throughout the year to remind the jews where they had come from and who brought them out. We know that passover was first instituted by Moses. He instructed the jews to apply the blood of a lamb on there doors. If you read about it you will find that it was the sign of the cross and it was applied over the door so that the death angel would passover it and the firstborn would be saved. So down through the ages the jews are constantly reminded through this meal of what the Lord has done for them. We find in scripture that when the jews neglected the feasts they drifted away from the Lord. How many times have I neglected the remembering of what God has done for me. If I don’t discipline myself I get distracted so easily and I start to drift away. I had told Stephanie for several weeks that I wanted to watch the Passion of  Christ again. I wanted to visualize the great sacrifice that Jesus made on my behalf. So we watched again last night for the first time in years. We winced again at the suffering that Jesus endured for us. I so want to keep that in front of me. I do not want to forget again! Jesus has delivered me from so much and I have so much to be thankful for.  

This morning we woke up and Stephanie and I had a time of prayer with each other. We thank God for the grace as a husband and wife to pray together. It has been so good for our marriage. It is the first time in 12 years of marriage that we have been consistent. It really has made a difference for us. Just a little plug for marriages! So we were driving the children to school and Stephanie was talking about the children and God must look at us alot of the same ways we do our kids. I got an instant download when she spoke that. We find it a great joy and a tremendous honor to raise our children. They can push us to every extreme good and bad. This download of thoughts flooded my head. My oldest is 7 and my youngest is 14 months and we have 5! No need for applause! HA! Anyway, they each are very different and very unique. I was thinking how they try very much to communicate with us within their abilities. Hannah, our 7 year old is in school and is quick witted like her father. For those of you that don’t know me it means that she is sarcastic. Jonah is 5 and in pre-k and has to fight alot like Moses to get his words out and gets frustrated at times because he cannot communicate in the best manner. When he gets it though he is on a roll and it is a pleasure to listen and watch him articulate himself. The twins Judah and Gracie. They are about to turn 4 and they are racing behind there brother and sister trying to keep pace. It is a challenge for us to remember they are not all the same age. We alot of the times expect more from the twins than they are capable of handling and we have to bring it down a few notches. Then there is the baby!!! NOAH!!! The cutest child you will ever see and he just started saying mommy and daddy in a way that we could comprehend it. Each time he says it though it brings joy to our hearts and we try and get him to say it over and over again. The little voices of our children resonate deep within us and cause our hearts to skip beats either because they are so adorable or you are ready to give them away! HA that was a funny for you non-comical types. It dawned on me that like our children we have a limited vocabulary. My children have not been in the world very long and they have not seen very much, but they do their best everyday to communicate with me all that they are going through and experiencing. We know as there parents that they will grow in understanding and be able to communicate better. Our relationship with them will get better, because we will understand each other more. I am telling you today is that I love them right now where they are. I look forward to those days, but I would not trade these for anything. It is priceless to watch them find words to express themselves. It tickles us to hear some of the things that they put together. It may be frustrating to them, but it is a joy for us.

So, let’s apply that to God. Wow! I mean WOW!!! In the time frame of eternity we are just children! We are just little guys. We have a very limited vocabulary. We have not even been able to see Jesus as clearly as He is. How many of you remember when you were 1? If you do remember how much do you remember? As we get older things come into focus and we see more clearly. I wept a little this morning thinking about how much God loves me. He looks at our weak vocabulary and our lack of vision and He watches how hard we try and communicate the right words. It sometimes is very frustrating to us, but a joy to Him! Why is it a joy? We are trying to talk to Him and convey all that is in our heart and it never comes out like what is on the inside, but He loves it. My weak words carry weight with Him! He loves me and I have never really seen Him like He is, but my heart it burns for Him. I am growing like a child. My vocabulary today is like my children. He loves it though. He loves my heart and that I am trying to talk to Him. It really does cause His heart to skip a beat with one glance of my eyes! I look forward to the days ahead and ask the Lord to teach me. Help us today Lord see you better. Give us another glimpse through your eyes. We love you Lord. I hope that this blesses you as much as it is me. I pray that the Lord multiply our understanding and increase our capacity to be loved by you! We ask for a double portion of your spirit today! Blessings to all of you!!!

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