Posted by: ronlculver | March 3, 2010

Two Visions

I was sharing with a friend the other day the war inside of me. I have been one minute very excited about all that you can see the Lord doing in this hour through His people. There is such a explosion of outpouring. I know as a human that we come in and out of that place of Him touching our heart. It has been a pleasure to be a part of the awakening that is happening in Kansas City. What has been so awesome is that,  God is also doing it here where we live. He is touching His people. I really felt like what we have been experiencing is heart surgery. He is giving us the wine of His spirit and He is performing surgery on our hearts, He is dealing with the issues of our heart that hinder love. I keep listening to what is going on in Kansas City and He is dealing with the orphan spirit, depression, anger, sexual immorality, drunkeness, and the like. I have seen this year the ability in my own life to see places that have been cycles be utterly destroyed by the Lord. Each victory giving momentum for the next. Thank you Jesus for your leadership over our lives. It is perfect! So, I encourage each of us to just continue to allow the Holy Spirit to highlight and bring to the surface those areas of our heart! It also encourages me that eventhough the tangible prescence of the Lord is felt and experienced. The people continue to maintain their watches on the wall. The school still continues. I remember years ago a minister saying God was waiting for a people that would stand in His glory. My opinion and it is just that an opinion. In so many other places and events we quit just doing the stuff and the entire train comes off the track. It runs for a little while, but when we continue to neglect the day to day stuff we begin to drift off course again. So to stand in His prescence is pretty awesome! To continue to function in our day to day activities of life here on the Earth. To continue to man the wall in intercession. To go to our jobs and fufil our obligations. So all of this has been awesome to be apart of. To know that the Lord is preparing His bride. My spirit bears witness to that. He is making us ready. I get so excited and giddy on the inside. (2 Hour Break)

My Aunt died this morning. I sat here and pondered what life is like for her right now. I am so jealous to be honest with you. During her life she always had a smile on her face and loved serving people. She was a Godly woman. She professed Jesus Christ. She loved the Lord. Some years back she developed alzheimer’s. Her husband of half a century has cared for her. Tommorow we will gather as a family and celebrate her life. When I learned of her death this morning. I heard the song she will dance on the streets that are golden. Today my aunt has her memory back. Today there is no more pain. Today she knows a love that we have only had a glimpse of. Today she is basking in the fulness of it. There is a longing in the heart of man to return to their place of origin. This is not our home. We are aliens here. I believe that when a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies it produces fruit. I am believing God in the 100 fold increase.

The second thing I have been seeing is what is God getting us ready for? There is a generation that is going to see this thing to the end. Whether or not that is my generation or my children’s I do not know. I do know that He is preparing us for what lies ahead. I want to talk about our knee jerk reaction to calamities. I am going to use Hurricane Katrina as an example. When Katrina hit there were leaders that came forth and said this is a judgement from the Lord on the United States. Others would say this is an attack of the enemy. Still others would say this is just an unfortunate set of circumstances that have come together. Then we would here about the miracles of God coming out of the tradgedy and then there would be positive prophecies of future events to unfold. So to alot of us it looked like just a bunch of confusion. Who is right? Well I personally believe they all are.

Joel 1:17 “Alas for the day! For the day of the Lord is NEAR!, and it will come as destruction from the Almighty.”

In my spirit I have been seeing both good and bad.

Joel 2:11b “The day of the Lord is great and terrible.”

I have heard many people saying they see great things for the Body of Christ, and others that are seeing terrible things. Who is right? They both are. As I wrote yesterday, I believe that God is allowing the perfect storm to brew. I believe out of great calamity is coming the greatest outbreak of God’s glory since pentecost. I believe that the latter rain is about to come. I believe that it is sprinkling right now. Birth pangs are getting closer and closer together. Do you know that birth pangs can be measured? This awakening is verse 12 of Joel 2. “Yet even now declares the Lord, return to me with ALL of your HEART!”(emphasis added) It really is going to be great and terrible. Again, the struggle is that it is in the context of great calamity. What do we tend to do when calamities come to us. What is our knee-jerk reactions? Just think about that for a moment. How do we respond?

Think about this calamity is at your door step and someone is telling you they have the answers. What if that person is performing great signs and wonders. Are you going to wait in the midst of the calamity to get to know them a little better? So what are we going to do? Well, I believe again the answer is what I have already written above. A banker works with real money so much that they can spot the counterfeit in an instant. They study the real money more than they do the counterfeit. So what is the Lord saying to us. Get to know Him! Know Jesus the Son and you will know the Father. We have to focus are gaze on the lover of our soul’s! There will be many false prophets and false messiahs in the last days and they will be performing signs and wonders. I believe because of the lack of signs and wonders in the western church we are more prone to being decieved than other countries. If a person for instance during Hurricane Katrina came walking up to you on water you would not question his belief system. We need to have discernment in the last days. The evil one lucifer whose name means light bringer will be doing his best to decieve even the very elect. The only guard against this tidal wave of darkness is the focus of our gaze on Jesus Christ. Our heart will follow our gaze. To be able to recognize the counterfiet we must know the real deal! I pray that you are blessed! More to come later.


  1. Wow. Crazy.

    I keep looking for updates!

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