Posted by: ronlculver | March 2, 2010

Replacement Theology!

Another quick note. I am noticing alot of people deciding to just write off the Old Testament! This is absolutely absurd! There are still prophecies coming to past from these inspired works of the Holy Spirit! The argument is this. Jesus came into the world to take away our sins and we are now in a “dispensation of grace’ which does not see God rigorously judging nations and individuals as He did in the Old Testament era. Alot of these people hold onto an erroneous belief that it just centers specifically on the ancient nation of Israel. The view is that the Old Testament is no longer relevant for today’s modern church. It is viewed as complicated legalisim and since the church has replaced the nation of Israel throughout the Old Testament passages as God’s chosen people (i.e. Replacement Theology) This is absolutely absurd and should be repented of quickly! There are so many scriptures in the New Testament that reference the Old Testament. Help us Lord!

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