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Prelude to Attack

March 2, 2010



Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Mega Shalom to you in this electrifying hour!  Lots of updates to give you’all from Israel and what we are hearing loud and clear from the Commander and Chief as we prepare for war.  If there was ever a time to rend our hearts and not our garments per the powerful warning of Joel 2…then it is now dear friends! 

Here are the current updates-

  1. The rhetoric of revenge is manifesting here in the Middle East like never before from our enemies.  Threat after threat is bellowing out from Muslim leaders that want to shed as much Jewish blood as possible for some of the strategic operations that have been successfully completed against their franchised “strongmen” of terrorist organizations.  The weakness that have been portrayed by the White House, EU, and the UN this last year is being interpreted by our enemies as a sign of weakness and indecision.  This in turn allows them to manifest without fear of backlash or reprisal.  This pathetic leadership from the White House is hampering Israel’s military deterrence of putting fear in our enemies..something we have enjoyed the last 30 years here in the ME.
  2. The demonized Hitler of Iran is bellowing out threats against Israel at a level not seen before the last 3 years.  Why would one be so arrogant and boastful of striking a cutting-edge nuclear armed nation like Israel unless he already had a joker up his sleeve?  Reports are now circulating that Iran already has nuclear weapons capability (thanks to N. Korea) and can’t hold back their dark secret any longer.  They are manifesting in gleeful delight their new military capabilities.  They are betting that Israel won’t attack due to the golden handcuffs the White House has put on our leaders here.
  3. Massive training operations have been ongoing here in Israel that more than hints that something new is in the air militarily.  But this time it is different than past campaigns into Gaza or Lebanon where we wanted the terrorist to know we are coming and hopefully scare them back into their European built bunkers.  This time we are not signaling any build up and that will give us the added advantage of a surprise strike.  I have been invited to several training sessions lately and it is very encouraging to see the readiness of this new generation of IDF soldiers that I have been affectionately calling the New Mighty Men of David!  Just watching them train makes me so glad they are on my side…as I would hate to be on the opposing side having to face these warriors in a dark alley somewhere.  They are tough and so lighting fast!  Glory to God!!! (see Psalms 144:1)
  4. The local Israeli Arab population (not to be confused with the Palestinians), has begun to manifest more attacks against Jewish targets.  Thus the next intifada is going to come from the growing discontent in the Israeli Arab and Bedouin communities, especially those in the South.  Just like when S. Hussein sent his concrete filled scud missiles into Israel during the first Gulf War and we saw the images of local Israeli Arabs on their roof tops cheering.  So to this subculture within Israel is just licking their chops for the opportunity to shift loyalties to any Muslim leader that can destabilize Israel in a future war.  This is not good….
  5. The next wave of Government supplied chemical/gas masks are now hitting the streets here in Israel and we just put in our order for a dozen.  We have been cleaning out our basement bomb shelter and it is almost ready for service.  Still need several more critical things (i.e. industrial generator) to make it operational not just for us but also neighbors that will undoubtedly visit.  This morning in our family prayer time our children for the first time seemed to have more of a heightened soberness about what we have been warning them about…especially when the sonic booms of IDF fighter aircraft was loudly heard overhead at the same time I was instructing them to be on the alert with family contingency planning.  Our youngest daughter Ronit later said she really likes living in Israel because there is so much “excitement” always happening verse living in suburbia USA.  Praise God for faith of our children!

The last several weeks I have been hearing from the Commander and Chief that it is 911 in the Sprit realm right now!  It seems like whenever I go somewhere or something really powerful is happening in our spontaneous operations that I keep seeing the number sequence of 911 all around me!  It is quite moving and I know many others out there are also experiencing the same thing!  Last Friday was the final morning before the Purim holiday weekend (i.e. story of Esther) began here in Israel.  So I decided to try to get in a quick swimming workout in the AM before heading out for final errands.  As I was standing on the deck of the premier Olympic swimming pool facility and ready to dive into the water…suddenly the whole building began to shake like a cardboard box.  At first I thought it was the big 100 year earthquake they have been warning us about, but then realized it was a huge thunderstorm squall line had just blown in from the nearby Med. Sea.  The wind and rain was so strong that all of us on the pool deck area thought the roof was about to come off the place!  Just then I looked up at the large competition swimming clock on the back wall and guess what it read?  That’s right…it was exactly 9:11 AM!  I was not only stunned but also equally amazed that suddenly the whole storm just quit….  I know without a doubt that this personalized 911 warning has to do with the threat of what is now appearing on the horizon of this tiny county called Israel!

Dalit and our family want to thank those of you who have given sacrificially to help us with the urgent financial needs of living here in Israel.  In our last communiqué with you’all we mentioned that there are two outstanding amounts that need to be taken care of in this late hour.  The first is the personal need to keep us stationed here in Israel full time and that amount is now at $10,253.00.  The second amount is at $101,157.04 and that is for the many special operations we are conducting in a virgin territory that has never heard the gospel before!  Just last week Dalit made new connections with some of the most secretive warrior bases here and we are just amazed at how these new doors of favor just keep opening! 

Keep in touch dear ones and looking forward to hearing of the jubilee testimonies that will spring forth for you’all as we together comfort His people Israel per the wonderful invitation of Isaiah 40:1!

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit

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